Meet Our Volunteer!

We are all about celebrating Multiculturalism at Rather Gather!



Meet Lucas! He’s one of our amazing Volunteers from Brazil!


Meet Amna who is a Pakistani-Canadian and she’s one of our Volunteers.


Meet David! He’s one of our amazing Volunteers from Taiwan!12669587_1687699431496801_2082076520087934993_n

Meet Mayte! She’s one of our amazing Volunteers from Spain!


Meet Zoey! She’s one of our amazing Volunteers from China-America!


Wanna be a part of Rather Gather? Send us a quick message on Facebook and and we can talk about all the different awesome roles we have!!


Valentine’s Day Special

What would you rather do with your valentines? Rather Gather celebrates love in all its amazing forms. Bring your valentine and celebrate life with artists from all over the world!

Buy one ticket to the Rather Gather Multicultural Arts Festival from the 6th – 14th of February and Bring a Friend or Valentine for free HERE or directly at La Catedral Studios from Tuesday 9th to Sunday the 14th February, from 7-9pm to coincide with the show ” CAPITALISM” The Musical!


Who Are We?

Rather Gather is aiming to be a venue for artists from all over the world to come together and celebrate our fusion of cultures and collaborate in multiple artistic fields such as: Music, Visual arts,Theatre, dance and circus and more!

We aim in the process to also raise funds in order to keep providing workshops and train the trainer sessions in developing countries and therefore allow the  seed of art to spread.

As per confirmations there will be Irish, French, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Latin American, African and North American artists and musicians. But We are still open for Artist application. The mission is to have artists that work in a multicultural environment or talk about multicultural themes come together.

We will also run art, and music workshops.

Buy your tickets HERE today!!